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Political jumble

As India heads for Parliamentary elections between April 16th and May 13th 2009, political analysts are generally in agreement that no political party will strike the campaign trail as a front runner. Indian elections are not about economic and social agendas, as much as they are about fixing alliances and brokering seat sharing arrangements with allies. In any event, most political alliances remain limited only to the election process and are hardly ever a guarantee for backing at a later date. The fall of support towards national parties – specifically the Congress and BJP – has led to a situation where regional politicians exert disproportionate influence and make irrational demands. A future coalition government is therefore liable to be wobbly. For any sort of political stability that will warrant effective governance, anchor parties need at least 180 seats in a House of 543. The way things are at present, neither the Congress nor the BJP will attain such levels. What makes the