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Falling Tables

I have from time to time been asked at conferences to comment on the three major risks facing India over the next 10 years. The answer has consistently been ‘environment, environment and environment’. The challenges before us are not limited to ‘climate change’ which environmentalists believe affect the entire planet. India’s environmental problems are more unique and regrettably more immediate. Topping the chart is the issue of falling water tables.

A drive through Delhi’s satellite township of Gurgaon leaves one bewildered as to the pace of growth and construction. Literally hundreds of tower blocks provide both residential and office accommodation to growing millions. The population of Gurgaon, according to some estimates is increasing at rates of 12-15% per annum therefore, effectively doubling every five years. This will lead to the furthering of construction activity – more homes and offices – and all despite the supposed economic slowdown. Few have stopped to wonder as to where…